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Master Control Automation

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With our Apella Video Server Family, Video Technics offers seamless workflow solutions for mission critical content management and automated multi-channel delivery.

When automated with VT Scheduler PRO and fully integrated with Video Technics asset management environment , the result is a multi-channel broadcast operation that is efficient, high quality and on-air continuously with a minimal amount of manual intervention. It's what we call WorkFlow Complete. 

A truly affordable automation solution for master control that incorporates SD/HD video server ingest & playout, master control switching, character generation and channel branding.

 WorkFlow Complete

Combined with an Apella video server network the VT Scheduler PRO software orchestrates highly automated, frame-accurate multi-channel playout and ingest capability. The proven software operates on an Apella server as a standalone integrated box, or as part of a complex mixed network of legacy equipment and functionality.

User Story: Citadel Upgrades Master Control Operations with WorkFlow COMPLETE

MCR.BOX is an affordable new "channel-in-a-box" hybrid solution from Video Technics that is specifically designed to provide the benefits of integrated simplicity and legacy compatibility in one single source solution for reliable and affordable master control operations. It's WorkFlow COMPLETE as an appliance!

See MCR.BOX, Apella HDS, Apella SDX, and VT Scheduler PRO for more information.


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