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About Video Technics

Video Technics Inc., a worldwide supplier of cutting-edge broadcast products, continues to pioneer the way digital media is ingested, edited, produced, and played to air. Offering much more than its signature feature-packed, robust, scalable servers, the company also delivers innovative and reliable complete end-to-end global broadcasting solutions for the corporate, financial, government, education and postproduction sectors.

Established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1987, VT has consistently delivered the most feature-packed and affordable solutions to the broadcast industry. Video Technics' Apella™ and NewsFlow™ solutions streamline the entire production process from automated ingest, to edit, production, playout to air, to archive and feature proxy creation, and unparalleled asset management. These complete solutions, built around the Company's IT-based technology, have dependably anticipated and responded to the ever-evolving needs of the broadcast industry.

The only aspect of Video Technics that surpasses its unparalleled products is its outstanding customer service. From the initial design of your customized solution, through implementation, training, and superior customer support, Video Technics builds relationships one customer at a time.

From small to large facilities, Video Technics provides cost effective solutions that are scalable and built on an open architecture with interoperability to work seamlessly with existing hardware and software. When looking to optimize your return on investment and productivity for now and the future, look to the company that not only understands the unique challenges of the broadcast industry, but also aggressively meets those challenges with innovation and responsiveness.

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